Hello world

by edsilverton

Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I seem to remember that I enjoyed writing once so I’ll see if I can re-capture that. That’s a whole topic right there to talk about, why would I no longer enjoy writing? Is it because I spend my whole day writing emails that started off as being well-crafted and have gradually degenerated into time-saving bluntness? Has this created an association in my brain between writing my thoughts down and wasting time? I suppose I could start formulating a clichéd argument here that email, text-messaging, social networks and whatever other predominant technologies are slowly eroding our collective capacity for creative writing. Nah. New forms of communication can only be good, it’s when people don’t communicate that you get problems, isn’t it? Saying that though, I could do without those inane comments you get on youtube… Perhaps www.stupidfilter.org is the answer? Now, I don’t wish to presume anything about my reader, but don’t you sometimes wish you had a stupid-filter for yourself? I certainly do. It could bleep me whenever I say something in order to fill an uncomfortable silence, or even temporarily blind people with a flash of light as I spill a drink all over myself. Hmm, I am enjoying writing this. Yay!