Routed Events

by edsilverton

My intention for this blog was to write mainly about Silverlight as this is the most exciting technology for me being a .Net developer for a company that primarily makes RIA’s. Finally I’ll get to make the sexy front-end stuff again!  However after fiddling with Silverlight in its current form I quickly ran into a wall – the lack of Routed Events. This was a real showstopper for me as I want multiple listeners for single events like in Flash. This really stopped me in my tracks and I resolved to wait until Silverlight 2.0 came out and (hopefully) included this crucial functionality. There are solutions out there like this but my feeling about it is that I shouldn’t need to use a hack and this is symptomatic of the overall present alpha-ness of Silverlight. Better to wait until the platform is at least in Beta before committing a ton of time to learning it and bypassing its shortcomings. Until then I’ll continue to write speculative ruminations about technology 🙂

I’m off to Mix08 in March which is all rather exciting. Sounds like we’re in for a huge amount of new stuff being released to coincide with Mix such as IIS7, Silverlight 2.0, Visual Studio 2008 etc. Should give me plenty to write about!

Something that’s been going around my head recently is why haven’t I heard about Blinq for Silverlight yet? Blinq is a system for generating Asp.Net web forms automatically to enable CRUD operations from a database schema. Linq (language Integrated Query) is the technology that enables this scenario. Silverlight 2.0 has Linq built in and will have form controls like text areas, drop down lists and datagrids. Surely it’s no biggy for someone to build a Blinq for Silverlight? Perhaps this will be announced at Mix. The prospect of having CRUD forms generated automatically then just needing to style them is a rather appealing one (at least to me).