Silverlight 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

by edsilverton

I’ve been working on a pet project to see what I can do in 3D with Silverlight. The idea was to allow the user to enter a search phrase to query a source like Flickr, then display the resulting photos scattered about in a 3D scene where the user can zoom in/out. Here it is in its current form.

Type in a query then hit Enter (or Return) to get a set of photos. Click on photos to view them full-size then click on the background (or mousewheel) to zoom out again.

One thing I like about it is that the search field never loses focus. I also rather like the haphazard arrangements of images as opposed to the boring grids you normally get.

I used Kit3D for the 3D engine and FlickrNet for the Flickr service.


If you’d like to view the source just use Silverlight Spy.