Source for 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

by edsilverton

I’ve just completed updating my 3D Flickr Photo Explorer for Silverlight 2 RTW. Here’s the Visual Studio solution if you fancy seeing how it works:

I couldn’t include the Helvetica font I used for obvious licensing/redistribution reasons.

It’s worth noting too which open source libraries I’m using:

Tweener (of T)

You may be wondering why I used two different tweening libraries. Tweener (of T) is much better (in this context) at handling the zooming in/out effect than agTweener. If I were to hazard a guess why I’d say it’s because Tweener (of T) uses DispatcherTimer to animate instead of StoryBoards. The UI thread is already having to cope with drawing a full screen of photos flying about, so it makes sense to use another thread to calculate their positions. I’ve heard that using DispatcherTimer for tweening isn’t as visually smooth as StoryBoards, but it looks ok to me. I’m using agTweener to handle all other fading effects because that was what I started out with and couldn’t see any point in porting all other tween effects to Tweener (of T).