Silverlight for Flash Developers talk

by edsilverton

As promised here’s all the gubbins related to the talk/occult ritual last night:

The .zip contains the Powerpoint slides, HelloUnderworld Visual Studio Project and OuijaBoard Visual Studio Project.

All the links I referred to should be in the Powerpoint slides, but if there’s anything missing feel free to ask me for it!

We’ve uploaded some photos to the Unwrong Flickr profile.

3D Flickr Explorer by you.

We’ve also uploaded the Ouija Board finale to the Unwrong Vimeo profile!

P.s, thank you to Richard Willis (@richtextformat) for inspiring the night’s occult theme with his imaginative FlashBrighton billing!

Pps, there seems to be a problem with where it’s not letting me enable comments šŸ˜¦ If you’d like to comment you can reach me here: