Walkies for Neuroses

by edsilverton

Perpetually ineffectual individuals have a schedule of appearing more exceptional by waxing intellectual.

Predictably despicable, a term I find applicable,
Concerning matters of the heart, or otherwise political.

Oh Brighton girl it is your lot, to scour sales of fading frocks,
And itemise into the stock, of your online vintage clothing shop.

Cancer teats and disco sweets and fizzy drinks for all.
Lets suck and sniff and drop and drink until we’re all consoled.
I long to be a child again, love unconditional.
Cancer teats and disco sweets and fizzy drinks for all.

You don’t smell well.
I’m being so unfeeling as to tell you that I’m reeling
Whenever scents so unappealing are expelled.

You don’t smell well.
Perhaps a change of diet, such as eating, have you tried it?
Or staying off the ciggies for a spell.

You don’t smell well.
Trying to apply some kind of masking floral find
Will only serve to emphasise the trace of stale.

You don’t smell well.
Accept these words as kindness and for both our sakes consign yourself
To a lifestyle more congruent with your health.