Ed Silverton

Silverlight for Flash Developers talk

As promised here’s all the gubbins related to the talk/occult ritual last night:


The .zip contains the Powerpoint slides, HelloUnderworld Visual Studio Project and OuijaBoard Visual Studio Project.

All the links I referred to should be in the Powerpoint slides, but if there’s anything missing feel free to ask me for it!

We’ve uploaded some photos to the Unwrong Flickr profile.

3D Flickr Explorer by you.

We’ve also uploaded the Ouija Board finale to the Unwrong Vimeo profile!

P.s, thank you to Richard Willis (@richtextformat) for inspiring the night’s occult theme with his imaginative FlashBrighton billing!

Pps, there seems to be a problem with wordpress.com where it’s not letting me enable comments 😦 If you’d like to comment you can reach me here: http://twitter.com/edsilv


Introduction To Silverlight Session @ FlashBrighton

Hello! I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently. Lots of exciting things happening at Unwrong towers. Anyway, I thought I’d mention my upcoming Silverlight talk on Feb 17th for FlashBrighton. I know, “Silverlight at FlashBrighton”?! Seats are limited as it’s being held at the Unwrong office so if you’re keen you might want to check upcoming around Feb 10th ish to RSVP.

Strange Attractors

Jon has made a seriously cool strange attractors visualisation tool.

Source for 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

I’ve just completed updating my 3D Flickr Photo Explorer for Silverlight 2 RTW. Here’s the Visual Studio solution if you fancy seeing how it works:


I couldn’t include the Helvetica font I used for obvious licensing/redistribution reasons.

It’s worth noting too which open source libraries I’m using:

Tweener (of T)

You may be wondering why I used two different tweening libraries. Tweener (of T) is much better (in this context) at handling the zooming in/out effect than agTweener. If I were to hazard a guess why I’d say it’s because Tweener (of T) uses DispatcherTimer to animate instead of StoryBoards. The UI thread is already having to cope with drawing a full screen of photos flying about, so it makes sense to use another thread to calculate their positions. I’ve heard that using DispatcherTimer for tweening isn’t as visually smooth as StoryBoards, but it looks ok to me. I’m using agTweener to handle all other fading effects because that was what I started out with and couldn’t see any point in porting all other tween effects to Tweener (of T).

Music Box

I was reading about Generative Art and learned about the Max application made by Cycling74. Max is a visual environment for designing your own audio/midi manipulation tools. I decided to download the trial version and try it out. In typical semi-obsessive style I then spent the rest of the day unable to stop experimenting with it 🙂 The end result is a thing I’ve named Music Box. This generates melodies using notes on the Major Scale and randomly generated numbers. Here’s a video of it working. I intend to add a Minor Scale option to it as well, but this will likely require a complete rewrite.


Generative Art

This is rumoured to be Apple’s new visualization for iTunes by flight404.

This is Radiohead’s recent music video for House of Cards.

This is “Yellow and Teal” by Erik Natzke.

Silverlight 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

I’ve been working on a pet project to see what I can do in 3D with Silverlight. The idea was to allow the user to enter a search phrase to query a source like Flickr, then display the resulting photos scattered about in a 3D scene where the user can zoom in/out. Here it is in its current form.

Type in a query then hit Enter (or Return) to get a set of photos. Click on photos to view them full-size then click on the background (or mousewheel) to zoom out again.

One thing I like about it is that the search field never loses focus. I also rather like the haphazard arrangements of images as opposed to the boring grids you normally get.

I used Kit3D for the 3D engine and FlickrNet for the Flickr service.


If you’d like to view the source just use Silverlight Spy.